Cyber Security: Enabling Digital Trust in Malaysia

The enablers of digital trust have been proven important for achieving trusted digital economy. Cyber security has been identified has prime enabler of digital trust in Malaysia as a result of protection it gives to individual and organizational digital data. Thus, many components of enablers of cyber security would be discussed in this forum. The act of applying some measurements against the criminal or unauthorized use of individual or organizational electronic data has become mandatory towards enabling digital trust in Malaysia. Many of the online transaction systems required a secure and reliable Technology such as cryptocurrency; Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple, etc that run on certified Block chain Technology. The increasing number of electronic commerce (e-commerce) platforms in Malaysia, such as, Lazada, Lelong, 11street etc have encouraged individual to be self-reliance and become job creators as a result of secure payment system provided by some cryptocurrency startups. Thus, there is need for provision of a reliable network infrastructure which would guarantee privacy of all players of online transactions. Moreover, ethics of users and online provider of goods and services should be an acceptable type and in line with cyber security ethic. Hence, considering the technology, platform, reliable network infrastructure and ethic as enablers of cyber security would assist in achieving digital trust in Malaysia.