Trusted Digital Economy

Digital economy is referred to an economy that bases its functionality on the use of computing technological delivery of services to the users. The question to ask ourselves is how secure or vulnerable is our system to achieve Trusted Digital Economy in Malaysia?
To approach this question in this forum, there is need to look at trusted identity as a factor to achieve trusted digital economy which provides adequate security to online transaction and services through the document signing and time stamping service between the parties involved in online transaction. Besides, a trusted policy framework that encompasses of user trust, technology for trust, trusted network and trustworthy ecosystem should be introduced so as to guide towards achieving a trusted business model in Malaysia. In addition, there is need to provide a trusted law which would be fear to both customers and enterprises in terms of protection of their rights should be critically looked into. Hence, this forum is expected look at how creation of trusted identity, trusted policy creation, trusted enterprise and trusted law could assist in achieving trusted digital economy in Malaysia.